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Grow Update Week 4 Transplanting |Brittany Allison

Grow Update Week 4 Transplanting |Brittany Allison

Published on June 30, 2020

Welcome to my channel! I’m Brittany Allison and I make videos where we smoke a lot of weed. I film smoke seshes,trying new products,film unboxings,growing,and so much more! I upload on Youtube Monday,Wednesday,and Friday & upload on Theweedtube Tuesdays and thursdays. Subscribe and join th

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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your garden looks fantastic!
You are doing great for your first grow! I’m hooked on this series and looking forward to the weekly updates. Are all the seeds the same strain? What is the name of the strain(s)? Are they regular, feminized, or auto seeds? I am looking forward to watching you learn as you go. :)
BRISADO4e20 2 years ago
INSCREVA-SE NO MEU CANAL * - *, eu já estou no seu. / INSCREVA-SE NO MEU CANAL * - *, já estou no seu.

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