Grow Update : Time To Top Dress

Grow Update : Time To Top Dress



Published on March 17, 2021

Welcome Back to Growing Kush with Silkyslim416. In this episode ill bring you along as I take care of the gardening tasks inside of my 4x8 grow tent powered by (2) SF4000 LED Units from Spider Farmer LED. I will be taking care of top dressing my plants with Gaia Green Organics 444 formula to feed my

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BobUnder 6 months ago
Another great Video ...HMMMhm lol...watching from Australia
provisional_air 5 months ago
Happy growing!!
Zoltrix Grower 6 months ago
Great video man!
bluhousegrow 6 months ago
everything lookin great happy growing
Thud 6 months ago
It is good to see you smoking a REAL joint rolled with rice paper Vs. wrecking it into a terrible Blunt! I think you took too many fan leaves and are shooting your yield in both feet! Just my Two Cents. When you gonna press some Rosin with your new Press I saw completed behind you last video? Be sure to use 160 micron mesh bags. Each press takes 8-10 minutes and ending at 5000 LBS/sq inch yields more than 8000 LBS/sq inch at 2-3 minutes. Gotta come down slowly! 70% humidity for steam to drive the Rosin out and you should get ~ 20% extraction.
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