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Grow Room Walls & Aluminium Foil Myths

Grow Room Walls & Aluminium Foil Myths

Published on April 12, 2018
Today: Why you should never use Aluminium Foil....and what IS a good reflective wall covering for your Grow Room? Mylar? Foylon? Poly Sheeting? Aluma Glo? The list is really endless and today on Lex’s World we go over the basics of surfaces for your grows. We talk about light colors Vs dark colors
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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I just use tin foil and foil tape, just got to be careful when installing it because as you say its easy to damage. Being that i got lights seeds and whatever else and built a grow box and i am successfully growing for less than £100 I'd say tin foil is a viable option for super budget builds, If nothing else it reflects better than wood. Good video bro!
xraykungfu 4 years ago
does anyone use a big mirror? wouldn't that be the best for reflecting light? hey you have some great videos. Too bad about you tube, jerks
hydro-kid 4 years ago
Great input! Thanks for the show my friend. Always good to hear different options out there.
the_1 4 years ago
HAHA Fancy meeting you here LOL :D SCORE!
Thud 1 year ago
I 100% endorse White Flat Wall Paint! It Rocks!