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grow room update

grow room update

Published on October 16, 2019
Category : Growing/Gardening
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larryp1962 3 years ago
By any way's and mean's we will figure out a way to grow the sweet leaf ..
BeardB 3 years ago
I dont listen to podcasts I do videos more and watch videos. not saying others wont and I would spread the word to people that do. I'm better with looking at it. keep up the hard work my friend.
SKEastCoast 3 years ago
I would probably watch your podcast, if it was on theweedtube or youtube. Nice setup. Plants look ok. You should fill those pots up with dirt to the top. The plants will need it. It will help a lot. I tried CFL bulbs for my first grow. It worked. But, you have to have a lot of them or some really big ones. You can see my old ones in my video Garden Story. CFL's are not fullspectrum and don't give off UV light. A proper grow light gives off some kind of UV. That's why I use Ceramic Metal Halide by Hydrofarm. It's good though that you are taking baby steps. You learn better that way. You get to see the differences. I would definitely use the new led bulb along with the others. Two of those Canagrow cobb lights, like the one over my washer and dryer, would be plenty for up to 4 plants. They are 40watts and cost $70.