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Grow Or Dispo? Why We Grow Our Own!

Grow Or Dispo? Why We Grow Our Own!

Published on February 17, 2022

Highigan On Youtube!

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Category : Education
Don't forget to share your favorite content to help our community GROW!
dopedev420 9 months ago
I'll be moving from the apartment life into a house in a few months and I will finally be able to start growing my own 🙌 I also LOVE pot!!! hahahaha
Strider123 8 months ago
The main reason i grow is; this way i know what is in my weed
Word Up! Right on, Y'all!
IndicaEnby 7 months ago
I grow because the strains I need for my medical issues aren't always readily available, and in the long run it's cheaper to grow your own. I grew for the first time last year and learned a TON; I was already an avid gardener, but I'd never tried my hand at growing cannabis. I found a seed in a dispo 8th and decided to go for it. I lost my plant to powdery mildew thanks to the rains of October (just before it was ready to harvest too). This year I have plans on tackling issues I faced last year, including the PM, so I'm hopeful things go better!