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Green Out Survival Guide (Emergency Tips)

Green Out Survival Guide (Emergency Tips)

Greening Out FAST HELP. Too High? Or High for too long from Weed? Watch this video! (the advice here applies as well to a green out from edibles like cookies, or a drinkable like fact the nausea and other side-effects from greening out with edibles can be especially brutal and prolonge
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highfromholland 4 years ago
great video. An important subject for first time smokers. I have greened out once in my 30 plus years of smoking and it was the first (and only) time i tried an edible and all of the tips count except that you have to remeber that edibles come on slower but hit hard and for longer depending on the strenght of the edible. Get to the couch or bed, get comfortable, remind yourself that it will pass and that despite what you may be will end and it was weed so if thats all you took, try to enjoy the ride and go with the flow, fighting it makes it worse. I feel asleep, slept ofr a day and woke up wonderfuly stoned. It is also important to note that I was an experienced smoker at the time and could handle a large amount which made me over confordent. Cheers, Highfromholland
stonergramps 4 years ago
Greened out once back in the 90s. A friend of mine had a very potent sativa strain. I didn't know the difference at the time but most of what I smoked must have been indica strains. That head high gave me the spins, made me nauseous, and paranoid and anxious as hell. Not even a little bit dangerous but it SUCKED!
jon_1 4 years ago
I had a weed out once. Car full of co-workers on a short trip to a waiting bus to take us to see the Detroi t Lions play. Smoked so much before we got there and by the time I sat down I knew I was in trouble. Trip took 3 hours and my eyes where shut until we got there. Once there I was fine. Thanks for informing others about weed outs.

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