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GREEN ACRES FARM CBD - organic cbd review (uploaded from my YT channel.)

GREEN ACRES FARM CBD - organic cbd review (uploaded from my YT channel.)

Published on May 01, 2020

For those of us who care about organic ingredients and sustainability - but also think we are on the verge of a mental break...maybe now would be a good time to give cbd a chance. I promise you that you won't feel any higher than 'happy' since there are no psychoactive compounds in cbd (

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indicawife 2 years ago
omg you’re so cute
dopedev420 2 years ago
Loving the look you're bringing in this video <3 so cute!
Congrats on hitting 3000 subs!!! Been binging your videos for the past couple of days. I love that you're also a stoner mom.
trying to get off of my prescriptions meds and go strictly with cbd, just have to try and save to purchase
Funny! I just came across this brand when I was looking for some cbd products to try... I went with plain Jane, but I might have to go back and check these guys out !

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