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Gelato - from BC Medi Chronic - Strain Review

Gelato - from BC Medi Chronic - Strain Review

Published on August 16, 2020

Here is my strain review for Gelato.


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SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Have you ever smelled black Kiwi boot polish? It comes in a little metal round flat can. Looks like a hockey puck. That's what I smell in every good strain when it's grown organically and grown perfect. Next time you are near a shoe store go smell this stuff. I back crossed Gelato pollen on my Runts and a couple other strains. I love Gelato. It's the next Girls Scout Cookies, as far as popularity goes. What do you think the next will be to replace Gelato as the most popular? Too many new good ones to choose from.
I myself haven't had it but heard great stuff about it looks fire n frosty
Awesome, this strains a def keeper!
I am making a list to see how many of these strains can be found around me, they all look so good !