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Garden Update Wedding Temple

Garden Update Wedding Temple

Published on August 11, 2021

A short update on the flower room. Buds are getting heavy on the Dragon Slayer. The new RuntzxGelatoxGG4x? seedlings are growing again.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Never heard of wedding temple before!? Looking forward to seeing how she flowers out! Ladies are looking good my friend! Keep up the great work! Happy gardening SK!
rysbigbuds 1 year ago
They all doing great. Yeah that dragon slayer does have a similar look to my mani and Acapulco. Heavy fat chunky buds gotta love em eh. Stay safe and happy growing
Cool stuff man! Excited to see how the Wedding Temple turn out! Keep up the good work!
Highseeker 1 year ago
Thanks for the shout out SK! Please do check out my channel everyone. I am excited to receive my prize, Im sure it will be the only thing in my mail that isnt a bill. Loving the look of the dragon slayer and the Crunch cake too...good job man!