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Garden Update OJ KrushxGelato

Garden Update OJ KrushxGelato

Published on April 29, 2022

Come check out the garden today. Some new stuff started. Some seeds didn't make it. Let's go check out the garden.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Wabbit 9 months ago
start of greatness, lol and of course your flowering stuff is doing its thing, like all of us dealing with some issues but you go over it and explain what you do to fix so its all good man always stuff to learn from here, stay safe and happy growing man
NGOOB 9 months ago
that ojk cross sounds fire bro
ZoltrixGrower 9 months ago
Garden is looking good SK!
bluhousegrow 9 months ago
oh no not the naners things looking good I'll see if I have more of those seeds yesterday my cousin gave me some seeds of white widow cross with gelato hope all is well happy growing
Infalung77 9 months ago
the garden is looking really nice those buds are nice and full and like you said they look good and heavy the heavier the better it looks like it won't be long and you'll be taking some of those down and enjoying the fruits of your labor looking forward to the next video catch you on the flip side my brother. ✌