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Garden Update Making New Runtz Hybid Seeds

Garden Update Making New Runtz Hybid Seeds

Published on October 20, 2021

Time for another update. Come checkit out. My new seeds are finally here. Email: [email protected]

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Hey brotha, sorry to hear that your having to reset! Gotta watch those early feedings! I use clonex seedling and clone food for the first 2 weeks of life and have never lost a seedling yet to overfeeding! When I used to use advanced at even a half ml per liter I would have issues with the odd seedling getting overfed! Clonex is made for feeding seedlings and fresh cut clones also I put a touch of microbial mass and mycorrhizal inoculants in with my seedlings! That really helps them to establish a soild healthy young root system straight away after popping! Anyways my friend hope you have better luck with this new batch! Peace!
Thud 1 year ago
Hey SKEastCoast, Man you are learning the hard repeatedly hard way about over-feeding. Get some measuring spoons man! Just ribbing you, please forgive. I advise you again SK, run your PH at 6.5, no less, and you can double the nutrients your same plants can handle running 6.0. Yes this is hard to believe, but it is true and you will see faster growth. I say again, Miracle Grow Tomato Food + miniscule amount of CalMag, and GH PH Up, cannot be beat! Unless you are an organic freak, you should give MGTF a test and see the Honker buds it makes. . . You are a Saint for making strains and sharing your efforts. Tell me though, which one strain is your KEEPER, you will always run one to never be without? My top two fav's are Scarlet Johansson, and OG Kush. . . . When I tried breeding, my strains quickly turned to shit. I never had the guts to smoke Males to see which was best (yucky!). You cannot breed Tits Females with any Male and expect results, even a brother from same Mother
SexySyko 1 year ago
garden looks good. keep up the good work. love your videos
Keep up the good work creating strains definitely a process
everything lookin good keep up the good work the crazy thing about running different strains is there all like a different feed amount of nutrients I'm tryin to dail my room in gotta do a video but I'm liking how things are goin having issues too but gotta figure out this soil n the leds keep up with the content happy growing