Garden Update End Of Week 3, Wedding Cake & Notorious THC

Garden Update End Of Week 3, Wedding Cake & Notorious THC



Published on November 03, 2020

Hey you ... yea YOU ... GO VOTE!!

In this episoe of our WeedTube Life ...

End of week 3 garden update ... no time to explain ... gotta go vote.

Shout out TWTGC .. GO VOTE!!

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ProudCanadianCannabis 10 months ago
Looking good Matt! Those NTHC's are surely long and lanky but yeah you will definitely be able to put a few plants on that table! Are you still switching to that Mega Crop are have you decided to go back to Advanced? I just setup the New version 4.0 Secret Jardin Tent, I was given by my sponsor Canadian Garden Supply for a veg tent! Really neat tent system comes with a build in space saver bar system to keep the tent from sucking in, like they do! It also doubles for a trellis net rack! The other new thing is you get to pick where you want to put in your ducting and cable flange holes and cut them out youself! DIY tents! Lol! Very interesting, I think it is a cool idea and a great little veg tent for my needs for now! I am also switching over to CMH lighting for the veg tent with the new Phillips Mastercolor bulbs! Wow the closest CRI rating to the sun yet at 96 to 98+! Nearly full Sun spectrum output at 100+ CRI! Your ladies are beautiful as always my friend! stay frosty!
Dripgoodies 10 months ago
Happy growing
bluhousegrow 10 months ago
everything lookin great happy growing
Zoltrix Grower 10 months ago
Gardens look great Matt, I sure like the light rail, pretty slick!
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