Garden Update End Of Week 2, Wedding Cake & Notorious THC

Garden Update End Of Week 2, Wedding Cake & Notorious THC



Published on October 26, 2020

In this episode of our WeedTube Life ...

A new Sugar Sapper has arrived, YeeHaw Y'All ... The Sap Will Flow!!!

Its end of week 2 in the garden & everything is looking pretty good. The notorious THC has bounced back well from it's day 1 schwazze' and the Wedding Cake plants are star

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Infalung78 10 months ago
the girls are looking great I see what you mean about the compass that sounds really interesting curious to find out the results going to try it myself everytime I tune into your channel I always learn something thanks so much for all you do Matt hope your stomach gets back to feeling halfway decent for you. ✌
Wabbit 10 months ago
nice rig man, cant wait to see it in action, lol curious if you get more or the same return......gardens....look good as always, each set up gonna be winners, swazze plants look amazing, bounced back fully, they gonna be some beauties for sure, stay safe man and happy growing
GramJam 10 months ago
Great stuff man, thanks for sharing!
DLgrower 10 months ago
Great video, ladies are looking awesome. The light rail was a really good idea! Stay safe and healthy, Happy growing!
Zoltrix Grower 10 months ago
Your garden looks great man, you liking the drip system so far?
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