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Garden Update 6-18-21 Another Male Plant

Garden Update 6-18-21 Another Male Plant

Published on June 19, 2021

I found another male Dragon Slayer. I plan to use the pollen on the Gold Leaf and the Runtz to make Gold Slayer and Dragon Runtz. I found some more spider mites while recording. They keep migrating from plant to plant. I'm still too broke to do the seed contest right now. I'm basically a vic

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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And, just to let you know, I have been helping the neighborhood by trimming tree branches by the entrance that were hitting my windshield, spraying herbicide on kudzu and english ivy growing all around my house that was trying to grow up the trees and kill the trees. I've completely landscaped my front and back yard. I donated some of my super pretty grass to 3 of my neighbors yards. I've done lots of things to improve the looks of the neighborhood. So, you would think that these people would be super nice to me. I think it's an angry feminist problem. Me, a tall white male, can never make one of them happy. That's why I have to move. My only happiness comes from knowing that she is going to die from old age soon.
Wabbit 1 year ago
have a heart and trying to help out others is always good my friend but if it isnt returned at all, then yes time to move on especially if you are having other issues happen now, over all find that dream spot in the woods my friend, they do exist, and in the end i think you would be a happier man, keep up the hard work and honestly excited for your new strains you got in the works, stay safe and happy growing
base79 1 year ago
Got a severe issue with my grow too. Roof is caving in. Had to tarp it today cause of water damage. Rolling with the punches right now until I can figure a new spot until roof gets repaired. Life sucks sometimes. Sorry you having issues with the neighbors bro that sucks. Trying to talk my handicapped buddy, where my grow is to sell his multilevel house and buy a single level house or a trailer or something . Sorry to vent on your page but I feel your pain brother. Hopefully these hoa a$$holes will focus they're negative issues in other spots not to interfere with wtf you are doing period. Fxck that lady
Shitty man, sorry to hear that. That forest house sounds perfect to me!
stoner1 1 year ago
I feel you brother. thats the main reason I bought my own place. I was tired of renting and landlords. I'll be posting an update tomorrow, but all three grape crunch seeds popped 🥳.that sux about the male,and the spider mites 🤬.keep growing and stay safe brother