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Garden Update 3-9-21

Garden Update 3-9-21

Published on March 10, 2021

Some updates for the garden. The Mimosa seed didn't make it. I really wanted that one. Checking on the clones and new seedlings. Started some Lava Cake seeds to replace the dead one.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Happy to hear you think you have found a way to kick those fucking mites asses! once mites take over it is so hard to kill them off! They get into your pets hair, carpet, wooden flooring! Anywhere you have any dirt or dead leaves laying around they love to lay eggs in dead leaves! Thats why I sweep every day I wipe down with bleach water once per week and I always run lady bugs or predator mites in veg at the start of every crop! Prevention is always better then having to deal with a hostile takeover! Lol! Good luck my friend, hope you win that battle soon!
Wabbit 1 year ago
that happens from time to time with seeds, grrrr on a plus side you have a ton of genetics to continueally keep rolling so that is a good thing, glad you seem to be able to manage the mites there a pain, keep up the hard work my friend, stay safe and happy growing
Garden is looking good SK! Too bad about the mimosa. I wish I had more than 2 seeds too. I chopped one down last week and the second will be next week. Take care man!
stoner1 1 year ago
garden is looking tight. the b+c and cb I've got growing have over powered my charcoal filters ability to remove odor