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Garden Update 3-17-22

Garden Update 3-17-22

Published on March 18, 2022

I just thought I would do another garden update so you can see the latest that's going on. The flower room looks great. But, I'm struggling in the veg room to keep it full. I've had a bunch of casualties with the seedlings. I just popped 10 more seeds from the Orange Juice Cookies.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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ZoltrixGrower 8 months ago
Garden looks great SK! Not sure I have ever seen your veg area so empty. nice to slow down once in a while, even if it wasn't planned. happy growing!
stoner1 8 months ago
gardens are looking nice. sorry about the seedlings. I'm popping seeds for the next grow myself (video up),and put out dry weight videos earlier. I'm setting up a closet to veg out seedlings/clones during flower in the tent.
bluhousegrow 8 months ago
garden lookin great keep up the good work happy growing
Ras - Breeder 8 months ago
beautiful plants. Very healthy. Congratulations 🥰🥰