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Garden Update 3-16-21

Garden Update 3-16-21

Published on March 17, 2021

Another garden update. Some seeds died.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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Nice to see things coming back SK! That green clean shit must have killed all the live mites off for you! Hope it works on the eggs too! I think you are supposed to use it 2 or 3 times in a row! Like use it wait 2 weeks use it again, that way if any eggs make it through & hatch you get them before they can lay eggs again and start another cycle of mites! They hatch ready to lay eggs, thats why you should do a second dose at least! At least that's how most of those mite sprays work! Please don't take this like I am telling what to do SK but, you really should think about cleaning all of those dead leaves out of your pots man that is spot is flashing like a red light district for mites to multiply! I just don't want to see you have another outbreak bro! The ladies are looking much better SK, and the buds at the the beginning of the video looked like some fire my friend! I am off for some Cancer treatment over the next few weeks! SO I will see you around when I get back!
Wabbit 1 year ago
very nice man, def excited to finish off the berries and cream, looks like some fire for sure, sucks when seedlings die man, sadly we all go through it from time to time, try try again, lol thanks for the video my friend, keep them coming, stay safe and happy growing
base79 1 year ago
Berries and cream look like if you threw them against a window it would act like a spark plug! lol. Good job
dope video brother almost to 420subs Congrats!
Looks great SK, nice harvest too! I did the same thing putting some seeds in soil mixed for a much older plant, lost 2 and burnt 2, they came back but least growth for being first ones planted. Have a great day!