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Garden Update 10-26-20

Garden Update 10-26-20

Published on October 26, 2020

Plants update. If I already had your email could you email me again. I lost all that information when my old computer died. I still have all of the phone numbers in my phone, though.

For a discount on seeds from ILGM use this link:

Donations can be made

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Infalung78 2 years ago
hey if you've got any left over that you're not going to use I sure could use some I really appreciate it we'll talk about it. and since you brought it up I sure could use some ojay Crush seeds they sure would come in handy for my next Gro appreciate it brother catch you on the flip side. ✌
Wabbit 2 years ago
solid info for the masses, keep it up my friend, plants are looking great as always and i think you are right with being to full and having to many genetics, lol your there and then some buddy, i am just about there lol stay safe and happy growing
stoner1 2 years ago
gardens looking nice. I'm going to be trying the earth dust line my next run(try out an organic run)with a 50/50mix of ff ocean forest and happy frog.keep growing and stay safe brother
MCDaddy75 2 years ago
Nice update! Looking good!