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Garden Update 1-21-2023

Garden Update 1-21-2023

Published on January 22, 2023

Another garden update for Saturday the 21st. The Dragon Runtz seems to be doing the best in the veg garden. Almost ready to harvest some Zert in the flower room. Thanks for stopping by. And, don't forget to leave a number 1-60 in the comments for the seed giveaway.

Category : Growing/Gardening
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ZoltrixGrower 2 months ago
Looking good man. I plug my heat mat into an inkbird temp controller so I can keep it a nice even temp, been working pretty good, finally getting consistent with rooting cuttings. Sadly after I lost my GG4 cut. Had my recent harvest of it tested on the weekend, came in at 35.8% thc! I need to get myself some more northern lights, I grew an auto of it and it did real well, I miss that smoke too. I have a few buds left I've held onto for like a year now haha
stoner1 2 months ago
garden is coming along nicely. I'm about to harvest my grow in the next week. and then a whole tent of the wedding cake coming up next. keep growing and stay safe brother. 30
Wabbit 2 months ago
everything looking pretty good man, from the veg room to the flower room, i love the no hiding bs as you show all the issues, from start to finish, nutrient, bugs, we all deal with them so its always good to see how we all deal with the problems, blackcandyland looks good man, should put a smile on your face and all that try it, enjoy buddy
πŸ’•βœŒπŸΌπŸŒ± very niiice man. Yeah those branches look pretty thick! I'm still battling spidermites too...
bluhousegrow 2 months ago
nice frosty lookin buds have you thought about lady bugs or some kind of predator mites to help eat the bugs n spay neem oil it won't kill them