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Friday Wake N Bake Hot BOX! Fail..

Friday Wake N Bake Hot BOX! Fail..

Published on July 10, 2020

Friday vibes are back babbyyy!! :D
Youtube : Medicated Matt
Twitch : Medicatedmattyt
Insta : Medicatedcanasian
TheWeedtube : Matthewwayneng

Category : WeedTube
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SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Holy sh*t! Today's friday! When you stop working for someone else you can't remember what day it is. I didn't know what day it was until I read the title for this video. Lol. Back in college I used to know this dude that I thought was my friend at the time who used to enjoy pointing out to his friends and laughing at how weird it was that I twisted the ends of my joints. Now, all prerolls are twisted on the ends. I love it. Haha.