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Friday Smoke & Chill 7-3-20

Friday Smoke & Chill 7-3-20

Smoke and chill. TWTGC.

The Alien Dawg and GodfatherOG are from Pacific Seed Bank. The Wedding Cake are from ILGM.

Music by Pipe Guy

For a discount on seeds from ILGM use this link:

Donations can be made through Zelle. My bank is Bank Of America. Use my em

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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TheRookiewiththeCookies 2 years ago
Lmao my wife just came in the garage and asked me if I was really digitally smoking with someone. who says digitally?
ZoltrixGrower 2 years ago
Good smoke SK. Nice flower too. Have a good weekend man, hope your friend is ok. they told us to stay home for fireworks they were sending them higher. we couldn't see them but someone down the road did their own show too. It was really good too
stoner1 2 years ago
being a desert storm veteran,i was so glad to here where your support lyes. amen brother
BadGranny 2 years ago
Aloha SK, love the star lillies!! hope you have a great 4th, wanted to share I made babies of your Crunch Berry and OJ Krush, and bread the Dragon Slayer to the Crunch Berry!! Ladies ate all doing great, mahalo again for all you do my friend!! as always sending you and the ohana big love from your big island CannaOhana!!
JayGrows 2 years ago
Great video dude, looking forward to the fireworks video.✊

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