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Flushing Cannabis Plants Prior to Harvest! - Flush Phase

Flushing Cannabis Plants Prior to Harvest! - Flush Phase

Published on November 08, 2019

My cannabis plants are almost ready for harvest! They are all in the flush phase and in this episode I talk a little bit about the flushing process. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button :)


This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Driftt 3 years ago
great video brother thank you
SKEastCoast 3 years ago
Your plants are so dialed in. I want my colas to be that big too.
CV25 3 years ago
Yes I’ve encountered the exact same problem with root bound Plant, the pot was just the same way you described yours and mine stayed like that for a while and I could see the circle of the medium from the smaller pot before transplant in the middle of the new pot it was translated to and that soil looks dryer than the soil around it, Weird!!! There’s a way to unbound your roots but I have to research it.
CV25 3 years ago
You’re buds look ridiculous, so sick, what caused that bleach spot you were talking about, were you saying that the light caused that? If so why and how?

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