Flower Update and Chat | Viparspectra XS2000

Flower Update and Chat | Viparspectra XS2000


Zoltrix Grower

Published on September 20, 2021

Hello and thanks for Clicking today!

First off, sorry for the delay as I have spent the last 4 days trying to post now with no success.
Today we Uupdate the 4x4 in week 4 and chat about some of the recent feedback/questions I've recieved. Filmed September 2 2021.
It would sure mean a lot to me i

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Zoltrix Grower 1 month ago
Sorry for the delay, having a lot of trouble posting recently. Regular uploads on YT!
stoner1 1 month ago
great video brother. I guess I'm too small of a channel to get much hate,but I see it on the bigger ones. I can't agree more with all you said. I try to follow the same rules-GROW YOUR OWN YOUR WAY-,I grow using Dr Earth and don't ph anymore,and as you can see in my videos, I'm nowhere near perfect lol. it does get frustrating,all the problems weedtube is having. luckily I'm not depending upon this as an income,cause the analytics and the number of views are constantly off. enough of my micro rant lol. I enjoy watching your videos on here and YouTube. keep growing and stay safe brother 🙏
bluhousegrow 1 month ago
well said my friend stop telling people how to grow encouragement to one another we do this as a passion nothing crushes the spirit more then negative comments n stuff nice grow the ladies looking amazing also I'm tryin to learn about lollypopin how u know wat to cut off well hope u and the family staying safe happy growing
Staci420 1 month ago
Looking good bud! I liked the chat too, very true. I think the current times plus the issues here are bringing out the worst in some. Keep doing you bud, love the content so take it easy and keep growing!!
Smokemostlyindica 1 month ago
Thanks for the love!!
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