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Flower Tent Update | MK Ultra and Sunset Sherbet | Viparspectra XS2000

Flower Tent Update | MK Ultra and Sunset Sherbet | Viparspectra XS2000

Published on July 27, 2021

Hello and thanks for Clicking today!
Today we take a look at the flower tent and I ask you a question. This footage is from over a week ago so you will see my answer to the question I ask in the next video!
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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base79 1 year ago
Love that you take them 68 days. I dont harvest anything under 10 weeks any more but I do start counting as soon as I flip so I would say these bad boys are more than ready!. they are some chunky mfers that's for sure!
stoner1 1 year ago
nice looking garden brother. I believe you were right about the leaf strip slowing transpiration leading to my overwatering issue. they seem like they are recovering far as the question, I personally like about 10-15%amber to get a little bit of a body(pain) relief,so I would go maybe a week longer. thanks again, keep growing and stay safe brother
BeckyY 1 year ago
Going to be another nice harvest dude, that front right one is gorgeous!
Staci420 1 year ago
nice bud, look ready for harvest to me!
rysbigbuds 1 year ago
In my opinion and what I say by the pic of the tricombs you can harvest without a question. Myself I’d like go a couple more days to maybe a week/week and a half tops. Just my preference to have some amber.

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