Flipping Cannabis To Flower In 4x8 Grow Tent - Week 1-4

Flipping Cannabis To Flower In 4x8 Grow Tent - Week 1-4



Published on May 14, 2021

**This video is intended for 21+ audience. If you are not 21+ please don't watch this!**

Hi everyone my name is Nick and welcome to my channel I'm Easy Growing! Don't forget to Like! Comment! And Subscribe! Be sure to turn on those bell notifications. I post videos every two weeks cover

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DLgrower 4 months ago
Looking good dude! Keep it lit!
dopedev420 4 months ago
BEAUTIFUL!! Great upload!
SKEastCoast 4 months ago
Nice looking plants. Tent looks good. Seed giveaway contest on my channel right now. Only 3 days to leave a number in the comments. Super easy. I'm smoking on my newest strain Orange Crunch Cake. High after two puffs. Makes the whole house smell like fresh cut oranges and citrus.
cmntImg 3 months ago
hi man these videos are super beautiful! man I am French from France I also cultivate you can watch my videos that I do to tell me what you think of a French farmer. peace bro
Highseeker 4 months ago
WOW! Looking Sweeet! I'm in week 2 of bloom...making me excited. Excellent quality videos by the way...well done. Cheers
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