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First Weedtube Video: Get to know me!

First Weedtube Video: Get to know me!

Published on April 16, 2020

1st... If you can hear screeching in the background, it's my sister... she usually isn't here but you know... quarantine.

2nd... this channel won't be as edited as my YouTube, this is a much more lax channel where I can be more myself.

3rd... 85% of this video was me zoned out, I edited it

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Category : New Tubers
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Firstly you’re absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE YOUR CONTENT XO secondly you have a new subbie here Ganja goddess xo check my channel out sometime! Let’s support eachother!!! Xoxo
cheyshyy 2 years ago
aweee those are great qualities & we do the same things to pass time lol your hair is gorgeous btw New Subscriber
♡♡ wicked niiiice. great introduction, welcome! thank you so much for sharing your journey