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First Daily High Club Box

First Daily High Club Box

My first subcription box is......Daily High Club!!
Category : WeedTube
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strainsofthebay 4 years ago
Awesome unboxing! This is the August or September box if i'm not mistaken? Either way, I love that apple pipe! Aprils box was curated by Riff Raff, but I think I preferred this one over that.. Welcome to TWT and hope to see more of your videos! I'm your first subscriber :) BTW if any of you guys are interested in the Daily High Club, check them out here:
themedhead 4 years ago
Very good beginning review video! I really enjoyed it! Your voice is quite calming and relaxing. It even had my cat entranced. :D It says you are a medical patient, I'd love to know what you use it for and how different strains would react with your medical needs. Look forward to seeing more and I wish you all the best! I hope DHC will help you build your glass collection, it certainly is doing that with mine.