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Final Flower Update / Mars Hydro SP3000

Final Flower Update / Mars Hydro SP3000

Published on June 20, 2021

Final days of Flower under the Mars Hydro SP3000. We are now getting ready to move so we will be down for a few months coming up. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT OVER THE PAST YEAR, YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Thanks for watching I really do appreciate it! Please consider subscribing to my Channel (Itโ€™s

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Great update Jay, hope you have a nice easy move!
Wabbit 1 year ago
plants are looking amazing man, very nice and honestly cant wait to see your new set up when you got it all rolling, speaking of which dont worry man we aint going no where you are part of the crew buddy, dont hurt your back moving, stay safe and happy growing
Hey, you're back. I was starting to wonder what happened to you. The buds look awesome. I think I'm going to record the seed give away video right now. I have some super exotics I'm giving away this time, thanks to base79 donating a butt load of seeds. Lol. The best one IMO is the GMOxRuntzxZkittlez. That's going to be first prize. I think I'll do 3 winners this time. Because, I have a lot of seeds to give away. Thanks for the video. Stay awesome.
those buds are lookin great oh yea always nice to see some purple in the plants keep up the great work happy growing

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