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Failing at Vlogmas / spend a day in my crazy life

Failing at Vlogmas / spend a day in my crazy life

Published on December 15, 2019
High guys !! Well well as we can all see i am failing at vlogmas . Its just not possible for me to do a video eveyday with my schedule! So how about im not failing rather doing it my way haha Anyways thank you for watching ! Please subscribe!I do not own the rights to any music in this video.
Category : Vlogmas
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Biggchunx 3 years ago
daaaaaamn 40 pizzas geeezus what a way to start work off but looked like you survived and now you get to enjoy a niiice blunt ayyye party of one more for you :)
RosinSmoke 3 years ago
im smoking on trainwreck good video
Sending all the love and positive vibes your way girly!<3 Also 40 combo pizzas? Sounds like a normal #terpytuesday for me. LOLOLOL JK! Also, if you're interested and want to keep up outside of TWT, my IG is @ChaseliketheBank420. If you do, send me a message/leave a comment so I know it's you!!! <3
That purple anarchy seems like a heavy hitter