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exposing weedtube from new tuber side

exposing weedtube from new tuber side

I woke up this morning to see how big this has gotten. I am the man behind the tweet of the rogue account and why a stand needed to be taken with proof. My thoughts from what I have seen and feel as a new weedtuber.
Category : New Tubers
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muruchima 2 years ago
Thank you for sharing this. With any new company there will be issues and crappy people trying to ruin it for everyone. The way the people on top handle things, shows the type of company it will be. I hope they do what’s right so people can continue to help this platform grow!
misguidedmerman 2 years ago
Loved hearing your perspective! I whole-heartedly agree. There needs to be a line between hate speech and free speech. And there should be some kind of system that filters slurs in titles. Thanks for making this!
Infusedwithcannabis 2 years ago
Hey dude! I agree on the title/craziness portion. There should be keywords that are blocked for titles or a “this video must be reviewed before posting” type of message should be displayed. As for the trending portion of the homepage, it’s very broken. I know someone who puts their link in a browser and just hits refresh until he is on the trending list (multiple videos at the same time) He asked me why he isn’t monetized yet. Either or, A) it’s fucked you can cheat your way to the “trending” section. B) if you’re in the featured list, that video shouldn’t pop up in the trending section at the same time. These are just a couple ideas I think might combat a little bit of the shit we all deal with. I think the team has done a splendid job on what they currently have created and look forward to where the future of the service goes.
HarmonySmurf 2 years ago
completely agree with you. slurs should never be tolerated on any RESPECTABLE platform.
Buffalo&Toasty 2 years ago
Look I say ignore it, I think this Platform. With that will come a slew of bullshit. Let’s agree as there are mostly new people on her to not let them ruin this great opportunity for us! PS SMOKE EM IF YA GOT EM. NEW SUB HERE JOESHMOE