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Europe Travel Vlog | First time blazing in Paris

Europe Travel Vlog | First time blazing in Paris

Published on April 08, 2018
I've made it from LA, to New York, and now Paris. I met up with my girlfriend to explore France for the first time. We even got to blaze in front of the Eiffel Tower! Stay tuned for more of the Europe travel vlog.

Follow my insta if you're feeling saucy: @cottonmouthmedia

Category : Travel
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Leefhed 2 years ago
WpW So cool u got to Paris. We used to live in Germany and went to Paris alot. Mostly because the movies were in English (V.O.) (Germany used subtitles in the 80s) U went all over the city in one day!! Amazing. so cool smokin' in front of Tour Eifel. Tanks for vid. We vaping on White Rabbit in WA.