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end of week five in flower twtgc

end of week five in flower twtgc

Published on May 08, 2021
just giving a tour at week five in flower and all other things that's goin on in the bluhouse grow
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Ahleaf 1 year ago
Your flowers look good. I enjoy watching these videos.
Sometimes having a hermie turns out to be a blessing. That's how I made some of my strains and that's how I got my Gelato seeds. I found a bag seed and then the plant hermie'd and I got Gelato seeds. Then I used those seeds to make Gelato hybrids with four other strains. And, that's how I ended up with Berries&Cream. The Wedding Cake is a stretchy strain and the Godslato is a bushy strain. It should make something in between the two. That's a lot of plants in the veg room.
I noticed your getting close to 420 subs. Good job.
cmntImg 1 year ago
always good to check your lights this happened to me also
Wabbit 1 year ago
wow man, always good to go through everyones garden and see what people got going on, plants are looking amazing buddy and damn you got a lot in veg coming up, lol gonna be a good year for all of us, keep it up my friend, stay safe and happy growing