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end of week 7 n 4 in flower  twtgc

end of week 7 n 4 in flower twtgc

Published on January 09, 2021
tour of the garden
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Wabbit 1 year ago
across the board things are looking good my friend, got to stack up a couple of those plants or tye them up, they will get a little bigger and with all those tops def need some help, lol, keep up the hard work stay safe and happy growing
base79 1 year ago
Looking good boss! Going to be a nice harvest!
Looking good Kenny, and happy new year! That one plant, they mendo purp that is falling over, if you stake support it those buds will grow bigger for you. I also have seen some crazy bananas pop out from the stress of a branch(s) leaning down. I really like the 1 stake system myself, if you noticed the lemon versace I grew, it looked funny but I put one stake in and then tied the branches up to it as they drooped. I could still move or turn her that way. Works well for my style. Gotta feel good though having all that bud growing again! Happy growing man, have a great weekend!
DLgrower 1 year ago
Everything looks superb, keep up the hard work man. Looking tasty, Happy growing!
Highseeker 1 year ago
Hey Kenny - Looks great - Buds falling over question - I showed a friend my grow and his first comment was" Why your plants so weak they cant support themselves?" I was kind of offended. I thought Id done well, as my buds were so big they were falling over...any comment on that...should a plant be self supportive ideally??