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edible day to take da pain away!

edible day to take da pain away!

Broke my back T11 and coxic skiing in high school. At 55 still taking it day by day but not play pharm game. I grow my own medicine and love it! Keeping it REAL deal ❤️
Category : Health & Beauty
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Wabbit 1 year ago
wow, havent seen you in a bit aunty hope all is well with you and granny, miss you folks, stay safe and happy growing
SKEastCoast 1 year ago
Cool. I just recently made a huge pan of blueberry muffins with sugar on top. Hope your back feels better. Mine hurts right now from climbing a super tall ladder hanging 8ft long lights and drilling holes in a concrete wall. I found that drinking whey protein shakes for athletes helps rebuild the muscles about 5 times faster. Less days in pain. Give it a try.

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