DWC Marijuana Diaries Episode 22 ♡ TWTGC

DWC Marijuana Diaries Episode 22 ♡ TWTGC



Published on April 14, 2020

This is a Perpetual grow day-to-day workings of my garden this is a documentary film document my growing so come and please enjoy the videos and please share with your friends and help me out to get to 420 subscribers please leave a comment and a thumbs up if you need any help with your gross please

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Zoltrix Grower 1 year ago
haha, 4 f words in, content warning hahaha! That one in the left end of the flower tent that is leaning over, by the yellow capped pole, very nice looking cola, it's gonna look real good when she is done. I've read those pebbles take a lot more work to flush them before use than coco takes. Your next grow or two may make my decision on if I try hydro or not lol. It seems like a lot of work in both setup and maintenance. When I decide to try an auto I may even do that organic just to simplify it a bit haha. We will see, right now the coco looks bigger but maybe down the line hydro really takes off. You see some guys with bucket fulls of roots for one plant lol. Garden looks great man, can't wait to get to this stage and size lol. take it easy man, happy growing! Also, you should show off some of those big stocks some time, I like the big stems but find a plant can also look much bigger when you step back a bit to see how it branched out versus just seeing the top canopy. Just a thought.
BadGranny 1 year ago
Great video Mr Fox!! ladies looking beautiful as always!!! I'm excited for your deep water experiment !! and you know I'll be loving on that GREEN CRACK!!! great job brother!!! keep em coming, sending you and your ohana big love from you big Island Fans!!
growpot 1 year ago
sweet vid bro! keep them coming
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