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Dudley Does: Kief Bowl Sesh

Dudley Does: Kief Bowl Sesh

Published on January 21, 2020

Dudley Does: Kief Bowl Sesh Dudley got called out by Doknessoverlord To do a Kief Bowl Sesh with him. Had a ton of fun and finally explained why our bong looks so wierd

Doknessoverlord original vidja: Doknessoverlord Kief Bowl Sesh

Upload a vidja challenging me to anything you are good at or honestly

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Category : WeedTube
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Your video was an awesome!The video cuts between myself and Dudley during each hit was a really fun and visually appealing idea.Thank you again for the opportunity and if Dudley wants to work together again in the future I am 100% up for it.Cheers :)
Yamos 3 years ago
I got high AF toking along. Dude, we want a freaking Dudley T-shirt!!
steppinelf 3 years ago
Coming in strong Nice job!! love it :)
Weedman1983 3 years ago
kief bowls are the best!
SKEastCoast 3 years ago
Make a funny video talking about how it's wrong to be a "weed snob". Like, someone that tells you in an angry tone that you have to put a filter in your joints or else you're doing it wrong. Or, the people that are totally afraid of fluffy weed bc all they ever hear about is hard nugs this and hard nugs that. And, especially the people that grow and think that your way of growing sucks or is totally wrong bc it's different than the method they use. I met a guy online that actually said to his viewers in his live stream "f*** bottled nutrients". And, then you got people that shame you for not using a grinder to break up the bud. Grinder or no grinder... it's going in my lungs. But, making fun of people that still use a coke can to smoke out of is not being a snob. You are inhaling bad chemicals.