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Dry & Cure Your Cannabis

Dry & Cure Your Cannabis

Published on April 02, 2022

Master takes you through the steps on how to dry and cure your cannabis

Background music ( Two Headed Cockroach ) provided by Rick Olien Check him out on Spotify, for your extraction

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Infalung77 8 months ago
right on another excellent video boy I didn't know you could wail on that guitar the way you do that's pretty impressive a good friend of mine when I was growing up was a guitarist and he always had a band I used to follow them when they played in the Peoria Illinois area I appreciate a good guitar solo on the other hand there's the buds oh the buds are beautiful you got some very very nice buds hanging I see now why you use the electric trimmers when you got that much the trim that's the way to go unless you've got a Tumblr but those things are expensive you know that I like the way you cure your weed that's exactly how I cure mine when I harvest looking forward to your next video catch you on the flip side my brother. ✌