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Driving While High – Cannabis Impairment Discussion

Driving While High – Cannabis Impairment Discussion

Today let’s discuss how much Weed impairs driving, how it’s different from alcohol impairment, and how the government should deal with THC levels detected in drivers blood. Based on my own experiences and studies out there. I linked to just a couple of the studies on this below.

YOU can

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puff 4 years ago
The argument that marijuana can cause impairment on the road is valid. The argument that no one should be driving high because it isn't safe is not a valid argument. I know countless medical marijuana patients who take dabs and get stoned before their morning commute every day and have for years and years. Some people ARE acclimated to medical marijuana in such a way that they would be more impaired without their regular dose of medication. Some medical patients have INCREASED focus and reaction time after smoking a sativa and I know this firsthand. Your statements are far too general and what is important is that each individual know how to assess their impairment level and not get on the road unless they are 100% able to drive carefully. You are correct that it really should be up to the officer to observe and question drivers, with leniency to make a logical determination of their impairment level.

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