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Dreaming with 2G1B || 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast

Dreaming with 2G1B || 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast

Published on November 29, 2021

Welcome to episode 12 of the 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast! In this episode, your hosts MacDizzle420 and Joya discuss dreams!!! Find out why a giant pig in a chef hat chases Joya while Mac fills us in on her map quest of a dream. Have a topic for the podcast? Leave a comment down below letting us know what

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Category : Potcasts
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ts420 1 year ago
Not to ruin the whole Will Ferrell thing for anything but I heard he’s rude to people and not easy to work with. I’ve noticed that lately with the “wholesome” celebrities like bill nye the science guy. Bill is known for being rude to fans and even people who paid to see him at a meet and greet. So y’all just be careful and you never know with these celebrities.
budnaries 11 months ago
By far the most unexpected pregnancy symptom has been having VIVID dreams almost nightly. Most of them in the beginning would involve people from my past who I’m not associated with & have caused some significant distress when I wake up. A lot of them involve high school and people I haven’t talked to in years. But I have read in my dreams!! Recently had one I was trying to catch a train from the mall & couldn’t find the boarding area, I read a town name that’s literally down the street from me irl. Also have experienced dejavu quite a few times!! My bf has had dreams that come true his whole life, even if they don’t occur until years later!
vegantoker21 11 months ago
Love the podcast! Love the background and both of your rooms! I love you guys too!!💖❤️👍🏻😚💋 can’t wait for feminism/the struggles of being a lady part 2!!!☮️😎🕊
BeniChai 1 year ago
notification gang🤘💕