Dispensaries or Street Weed?

Dispensaries or Street Weed?



Published on August 27, 2021

For the first time in my life, I regrettedbuying "street weed" ..still legal to have here in Nevada, but the process of meeting someone in a parking lot after waiting awhile for them to respond and then pay cash and try to verify what I actually bought while driving home in the dark was le

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sdcannablogger1 1 month ago
I have become a firm believer in terpenes and their effects. I highly recommend looking into them further and seeing which combo helps your anxiety best. Some brands have even started listing their terpene profiles on their packaging, which I really like. Good luck! 😊
alien.schmalfuss 1 month ago
muito bom seu video inscreva-se no meu canal também :)
hippielumberjack 2 weeks ago
I love that water pipe! Where did you get it from?
Medpharma 1 month ago
Great products! Great Service !! They quickly connected me with a delivery guy who understood everything. After a short call, I received my referral. Was able to receive some 420 pounds for my dispensary that same day. Amazing !! Love their oils too hit them @ +17163124400
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