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Did I Get Shadow Banned On The Weed Tube?

Did I Get Shadow Banned On The Weed Tube?

Published on July 15, 2022

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From what I can tell, that is exactly what happened lol. I can't comment on videos or play them BUT I am able to upload videos? Weird indeed BUT it was fun while it lasted.

Logged in, it lags for a

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ArendRichard 3 weeks ago
Hello friend! First and foremost, we have never shadowbanned anyone and we don't have the ability! So don't worry about that. It looks like you may have discovered a bug in the tech, which sucks, but very helpful if you could reach out to [email protected] so we can get it fixed for everyone! Again, we have never/would never shadowban anyone. So please don't think that!
smokeyd17 3 weeks ago
Maybe it’s just problems with their server I don’t necessarily think you got shadow band I think it’s just their house thing that has issues I noticed that Twitter was having a lot of issues with their hosting too I noticed my videos don’t play correctly
WTPainRelief 3 weeks ago
If you’re behind a VPN, some sites may kick you out or error you out because there’s too much traffic coming in from the VPN server over time and it thinks the VPN server is actually a bot. So anyways, if you use a VPN, you can definitely try another location. But I hope you got your questions answered with @ArendRichard s help!! Good luck!!!

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