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Did Aliens Help Create Humans?? || Stoner Thoughts

Did Aliens Help Create Humans?? || Stoner Thoughts

Published on January 18, 2021

Welcome to episode 4 of Stoner Thoughts! In this episode we will be discussing the Annunaki, Niburu, and whether or not this alien race had anything to do with the evolution of homo sapiens as a species! Hope you guys enjoy. This is hands down my favorite episode!Download Hempire to support Stoner T

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sistersesh 2 years ago
Have you ever considered, that if/when they came and the gold that they took, is the reason our ozone is depleting....
i love a lil history sesh-- take me to nibiru please
my only issue with Nephlem is, woulsnt they live hundreds of years? like if some of humans today have some of this alien blood in our veins. wouldnt there be a small persent of humans living to almost 150-200 years old? pretty sure the oldest person who ever lived died at 122 years old and like 164 days.
LostRoyal 2 years ago
Honestly love the narraotor gag
503lolita 1 year ago
It’s a great story, too bad the giant human remains picture have been proven to be fake:/