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Day 55 from seed

Day 55 from seed

Just switch my light to a marshydro ts1000 yesterday and wanted to see when it will be a good time to switch her to flower? But i did notce some brown spots on the leafs what could that be?
Category : New Tubers
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Highseeker 1 year ago
Hi - The new light will make a big difference. You can bloom anytime really...after a month of growth. Most plants will double in height when switched to bloom so keep that in mind. She looks a little lime green. If your not fertilizing id say some nitrogen and cal mag is required. Are you over watering? Make sure you let that soil dry right out before watering each time. Overwatering can cause the yellowing you are seeing. Dont water again until she droops, then soak her and count days to wilt. Then water a day before that number moving forward. Nice looking plant...lots of potential. Cheers