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Day 32 of Flower GSCE | Flower Tent Complete | Growing Under Mars Hydro | TWTGC

Day 32 of Flower GSCE | Flower Tent Complete | Growing Under Mars Hydro | TWTGC

Published on July 30, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we are in day 32 of flower with on beautiful lady, and day 12 with the others. I splurged and bought myself something I have wanted for years, and added a necessary component to the flower tent.

It would sure mean a lot to me if you hit the Like button

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Looking lovely mate, nice additions to the airflow and things too! Need to get a new filter myself but am saving for one of the Cloudline T6's...quite costly to get one over here in NZ though, no one sells them locally or anything. Need to make sure I have one before summer as my current cheapo one is buggered and my aircon unit is very costly to run lol. Getting there! Cheers for the upload my friend and catch ya next time!
very nice bong and wat day ur bday make sure I show some bday luv and as always those plants look amazing
buds are looking great nice and frosty going to be huge in 5 weeks! happy growing sir.
BthaMAN420 2 years ago
They look awesome dude and cool bong! I had seen your post on instagram, pretty funny if he could see them now!
Staci420 2 years ago
Awesome growin Bud!!! Plants look super healthy. I really like your new gift to yourself, super nice! that was a pretty good idea with the stakes, those buds look amazing for only being half done. I sure like the style and the time you put into your videos bud, it takes a lot of time and effort so thanks! good luck with the new babies and congrats on the affiliation!

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