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day 21 of flower.

day 21 of flower.

Published on October 08, 2020
day 21 of flower.
Category : Growing/Gardening
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IckyStickies 1 year ago
Aww maaaaan I want new lights lol. Great to hear that your new one arrived mate, shame it can't be used yet but like you say - it will be! Cheers brother and catch up soon!
Zoltrix Grower 1 year ago
Looks good man. If you want you could open her up a little bit now that you are almost done stretching but she is a nice looking plant! I tried a run watering like Remo, 2L pretty well daily for the size of plant and in a 3 and a 5 gallon pot for the plants. He gives 2 liters for under 4ft height and over 4 foot height gets 4L. I was not a fan of it, and found the roots reach for the surface and didn't fill out the bottom of the pots real well. Have a great one man!
Dripgoodies 1 year ago
Very bushy but not bad

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