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Day 10 of Flower | Canopy Filling up Fast | Mars Hydro Grow | TWTGC

Day 10 of Flower | Canopy Filling up Fast | Mars Hydro Grow | TWTGC

Published on June 15, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we are Day 10 of Flower, we are all caught up and moved over, almost filling the whole canopy! We are only looking at the flower tent today as I try to break up the footage a bit, and drown out the fan noise with music while still being heard. Let me

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Wabbit 2 years ago
nicely done man, looks pretty even buddy, supercroping for the win, they all coming back strong, remember up to week 4 then let it go buddy, that break will be fine, no biggie , you will get a big knot there kinda like the other major bends from the supercrop, honestly it looks solid man, will fill out from now on, get ready, hahahahaha
BeckyY 2 years ago
damn dude, they filling in so nice!
ZeBob 2 years ago
lindas plantas, parabéns!
Nice Bud Sites & New Growth!
Staci420 2 years ago
Holy they are getting so bit! Nice growin bud!

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