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dark tour of 2nd flower room and more twtgc

dark tour of 2nd flower room and more twtgc

Published on December 06, 2020
showing flowering room and clones n cloners
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Things are looking good all around Kenny. I know it can be a lot to take in at times, especially with more than a few plants lol. Your flower room that was in darkness, I'd cover up that light on the power bar unless you are hoping for some seeds. Happy growing man, have a great week!
Wabbit 1 year ago
you got lots going on like many of us, consistently full and always trying out new genetics, lol always puts a smile on my face as i watch all of us do our thing, keep it up kenny, stay safe and happy growing
base79 1 year ago
Everything looking good bro! All gas no brakes!!!
Coming along nicely. Good job on the new seeds. I just started some seeds too. It'll be in the next upload.