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Dan's 420 Chronicles - Sour Melon #1 / Weed Review 7/15/22

Dan's 420 Chronicles - Sour Melon #1 / Weed Review 7/15/22

Published on July 15, 2022

#Dans420Chronicles doing a #FrHighDay #WeedReReview on this #SourMelon1 strain.

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SKEastCoast 6 months ago
Now, this is my type of weed. I just picked up a fat sack of GMO as well as Blue Bubblegum. Can you try to find any Bubba hybrids? Also, keep an eye out for LA Cookies. Hearstrong just gave me some seeds, Phantom Cookies, Jupiter OG and Mighty Grape. New strains I think. Only one seed for each strain though. Zero room for error.

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