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DAILY HIGH CLUB | May 2021 Sesh with

DAILY HIGH CLUB | May 2021 Sesh with "Seshasaurus" Box

Were you expecting the glass to be something else?

*Note: This box is still available to purchase until the end of May! Link down here \/


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El Primo: $30/Month, includes papers, accessories, and exclusive custom glass, themed box, $80+ value guaranteed Ships worldwid

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chrissyzcreationz 1 year ago
lol You know you're a Chrissy fan when you watch the same video on utube and WeedTube!! Also, can you tell me where you got you little black square battery you use for your cartridges? Like, i want to try the Delta 8 cartridges cause 1, it's legal in my state and bud/flower is not unless you can get it for medical use. and 2, I'd like something I can use when around family (I have 4 grandkids) to help with my pain control and seizures. Also, I wouldn't give up the Scooby-Doo looking bus either, girl!! lol if you wanna share some of your rolling papers, I'm down for putting some of them to good use! haha And lastly, this Land Before Time looking baby dino in an egg is the cutest thing, except the face of it looks like it would scare the shit out of me if I was real high! Girl, I live in Georgia, we didn't even have Spring. went right from 55ish to 95-100+ overnight!

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