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Daily High Club May 2018

Daily High Club May 2018

Published on May 27, 2018
What's going on everybody! I hope you are all well and enjoin these wonderful spring vibes.

Use Coupon Code PHC87 to get a Discount on your Daily High Club Box!

Today I am unboxing the May 2018 Daily High Club box. The theme for this month is "Summertime Adventure"

Let me know what you think of this bo

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Category : Comedy
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Awesome review! I saw you didn't link the website so for those weedtubers who are interested in the DHC box, check out the link below! [Daily High Club]:
chinaam 4 years ago
Sorry but your videos do not play. It stops about every 2 secs. The commercials play just fine. Go figure!! Ann Marie
torintiger 4 years ago
We missed you buddy, again I’m sorry that I can’t support you on patron but I will watch your shizzle on here even if it keeps buffering all of the time, but good to have you back and good to see that you haven’t let all of this YouTube shit get to you, big love mateiy ????????